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           I am a first time author who was born and raised in sunny California. Santa Maria is my hometown. As a kid I took to the arts and athletics because that is where I excelled. As the second eldest of ten siblings I have had a sense of responsibility from an early age. By the the time I had reached junior high school, academics replaced art as one of my top priorities. 

            In high school I was reintroduced to the arts with classes like graphic arts, photography and architecture. These were some of my favorite classes, however at the time I didn’t see those as viable career choices because I personally didn’t know anyone working in those jobs. I continued with sports during those days, playing basketball, football and volleyball for my high school team.

            Shortly after graduating high school I joined the United States Marine Corps where I eventually reached the rank of sergeant. I was part of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit where I got to travel to many countries in the Mediterranean while on the USS Iwo Jima. I received excellent training in radio repair and maintenance management of similar electronic equipment. I became a suicide prevention instructor and a Marines Corps Martial Arts Program instructor.

            After serving eight years in the Marine Corps I moved to Calgary, AB Canada to start a family. Soon after moving to Canada I received my diploma in Graphic Design and started a career as a graphic designer and photographer. My adventures in fatherhood inspired me to write and illustrate my first book, “My Daddy’s Legs”. 

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